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Subject: Story:Easter Holiday pt 9 b/b sex some cp
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 13:01:10 +0000
Organization: SwansThis is a work of fiction.If you disapprove of teen age boys having sex
with each other DO NOT READ.If you are under 18 DO NOT READ.Comments
welcomed.Flames ignored
The Easter Holiday Chapter Nine
Two of the lads wandered over to where David and Andy were sitting
wanking."Hey.Dont waste your spunk wanking.We'll suck you."And they dropped to their bellies and buried their heads in the other
boys crotches.David and Andy widened their legs so they could go right
down, and hugged each other tighter,as the spunk thirsty lads got to
work.They were looking down at the two upturned arses when two more of the
lads wandered over.Without a word they knelt down,and spreading the legs
of the two suckers,crawled between them.Putting a condom on each other
they then spread the cheeks and were soon buried in the two willing
holes.At each thrust the suckers gave a harder suck.They each ahd their arms
around Andy and David and were gripping the cheeks of their bums
hard.What bliss!!They were hugging each other.Their cocks felt as though
they were inb a vacuum cleaner and they were watching two lovely bums
get fucked.It was almost too much.Suddenly the bodies of the two fuckers started to buck and twitch and
soon they emptied their boy balls and collapsed on top of their
lovers.The feel and sight of this was too much for david and he
expoloded in his suckers mouth with a great cry.Seconds later,Andy,gripping Davids shoulder hard,began to thrash up and
down,and thrust even deeper into his lads throat.The boy gagged and the
cock slipped out of his mouth,But Andy was shooting his spunk
everywhere.All over his chest.All over David.It had been glorious!!Fantastic!!But it was time to leave.The boys all
started to get dressed,all ahppy and contented with their afternoons
exercise.When Andy went into the llittle room to get the rest of his clothes he
found Paul bent over ,paants round his knees, being well fucked by one
of the other lads.So the lookout had got his share too!!When he returned
to the barn David was already dressed so when Andy was ready the two
walked together up the road."Come to the school and up to my room abot seven.That will give us an
hour before we have to report.Do you think you can stay the night>>"He
added."No young ass fuck
bother,"assured David,"I often stay with friends overnight so my
folks wont young nn pussy mind.""Great,"enthused youngest teens sex Andy."We will be able to soothe each other after the
caning.""I dont suppose we will do much sleeping," retorted David."I cant wait
to get you into bed for some hot loving.Hot,stinging daily young nudist bums will make it
even better.""Yeah.See you at seven then," said Andy,slapping his pals arse as he
walked off.Andy had his tea and a bath and was thinking about the evening to come
when he caught sight of his nude body in the mirror.It was very hard to
keep his hands off his cock.After towelling himself he bent down to pick
up his pants, when he felt a finger slide up his hole."Hi Andy," grinnned david,"That bent over bum was just asking for
it."Taking his young kiddy panties
finger out of Andys bum he squeezed both cheeks hard.Andy
turned to face him,showing his steaming hard youngest forced sex
on."I would fuck you right now with this,but we have to keep sexy for
Tawse.Let me undress you and we will lay on the bed and cuddle.But no
wanking."He slowly undressed David until he was naked and standing proud.Then
they lay on the bed in each others arms,caressing
nipples,cheeks,thighs.But not balls or cocks.Tongues met tongues.Mouths
opened and tongues invaded mouths.Time passed quickly.--
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